Sunday, 10 September 2017

Match Report - Eastern League - Round 3 - Game 1

Endorian Forest United vs Mega City Eagles

Round No.TeamScorePlayerScorePlayerTeam
Round 3Endorian Forest United0Jodyv7MartinMega City Eagles

Mega City Eagles2200146
Atlantean Tridents2200116
Clan RapidClaw211003
Ba 'al Moon Smackers1010-40
Endorian Forest United3030-210

The Endorian Forest United team came out of the blocks with unorthdox flood the field tactic.  By Rush 5 Mega City Eagles had whitewashed with a confident and disciplined display.

Match Report - Western League - Round 3 - Game 1

Atletico Tronkers vs Ragnarr Delvers

Round No.MVP UsedTeamScorePlayerScorePlayerTeamH WinA WinMVP Used
Round 3Atletico Tronkers1Jodyv0MartinRagnarr Delvers10

Yun-Yuuzhan Warriors220046
Atletico Tronkers321036
The Philosophers110013
Ragnarr Delvers2020-40
Thunder Brokkrs2020-40

The first game from the international break started with a leggy performance from Atletico Tronkers but after falling behind to the Ragnarr's they rallied and pushed hard to pull back a 5 strike deficit.  The match was ill tempered and hostile with multiple deaths and the score yo-yoing back and forth.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Match Report - Northern League - Round 2 - Game 1

Clan Stormfang vs The All-Stars

Round No.TeamScorePlayerScorePlayerTeam
Round 2Clan StormFang0Martinv0DomThe All-Stars

Ceres Convict Cadre110073
Kamino Kinetics211003
The All-Stars300303
Clan StormFang300303
Daggon Moon Slammers1010-70

Friday, 11 August 2017

Match Report - Northern League - Round 2 - Game 2

Kamino Kinetics vs Daggon Moon Slammers

Round No.TeamScorePlayerScorePlayerTeam
Round 1Kamino Kinetics0Jodyv7DomCeres Convict Cadre

Ceres Convict Cadre110073
The All-Stars000000
Clan StormFang000000
Daggon Moon Slammers1010-70
Kamino Kinetics211003

Match Report - Southern League - Round 2 - Game 2

Klendathu Park Rangers vs Ravager County

Round No.TeamScorePlayerScorePlayerTeam
Round 2Klendathu Park Rangers1Jodyv0MattRavager County

ICS Stalkers110073
Klendathu Park Rangers220086
Ravager County2020-80
Real Tronkers110073
Turion City Terrors2020-140